Route30Classics is a Porsche 356, 911, 914 automotive archeologist!
Constantly searching for classic Porsches and parts that have been lost in the past, making them available to the enthusiast today.


Please accept our invitation to visit, "Route 30 Classics", while in Portland, or the Northwest.

My Personal Porsche's

Route 30 Classics now rents electric bicycles!


Located 1 hour east, of Portland,  off Interstate 84, Exit 69. Mosier, Oregon, population 460. The drive gets even better from here, on National Scenic Highway, "Route 30".

Take a break with 16 flavors of Ice Cream, and Espresso.

Check out the Porsches for sale, tee shirts & sweats, caps, and Embroidered Porsche Jackets. 356 parts available, models, and some literature.

Lots of Posters, and memorabilia on display. You won't be disappointed!

Route 30 drive!

As recently seen on Speed Vision, "Shut Up and Drive" with Townsend Bell, and Justin Bell! The Rowena Loops.






Wanted: Porsches for sale

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